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Growth and change can be a lonely path.  The fear of leaving behind everyone and everything you know can stop even the most courageous of souls.  It’s not just our own self-preservation, it’s our fear of the hurt and pain we’ll cause others.  If big changes can seem insurmountable then even little changes can seem daunting without support.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible claim their power and create a life in which they thrive.   It’s to help people discover the tools they need to live their best lives.  It’s to help people discover and understand the forces within so they can better utilize them.  It’s to help people find their authentic self and to encourage them to follow their dreams.  I want to help you create the reality you want and deserve and to contribute to the world reality in a positive and beneficial way.  I want to help you smile, laugh, and feel real joy.

There are so many tools to help do this and there are people like me that have learned all these tools so you don’t have to.  We just need to figure out your goals and the tools that will work best for you to achieve them.   Having a coach is like having your own personal strategist, helping you create a plan to win at the game of life.

If you’re struggling with a difficult transition then let me help you make the transition a way to create the healthy and fulfilling life you desire.

I offer a no charge Clarity Session.  It’s a free consultation; a chance to speak in a dedicated appointment at no charge.  It’s where the client (that would be you!) has a chance to share their most important wishes, goals, thoughts, and feelings about a situation or their life.  It facilitates feeling heard, understood, and supported in your truth. My relationship with you helps you discover more clarity about what you want out of life and the steps needed to achieve it.  It gives me a chance to explain what coaching is, how it works, and how it could help you.

A Clarity Session gives you the chance to get the benefits of working with a professional life coach.

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I am also available for speaking engagements.  Please contact me if you would like to have me present to your group and help facilitate an environment that encourages empowerment and wellness.