Slowly, my mind, body, and spirit have started to heal.  I find myself different once again. I try to pinpoint the change, but I cannot.  It wasn’t any one thing. I only know that I have let go of something very heavy. Something that I could no longer carry.  Maybe it was all the rules, the requirements I had for myself, maybe it was my expectations. Maybe it was the search for the right answer.  It may have been the judgments on myself. Maybe it was all of it. … More Changes

The Golden Goddess Story – Chapter Four – Finding Faith

On March 31st, 2011, I declared a Spiritual Quest.  I didn’t know what a spiritual quest was. I had no idea what it entailed.  I proclaimed it all the same. “I’ve lost my spirituality.  I feel empty and lost. I refuse to continue to live life like this.  So, I am beginning my spiritual quest. How exactly one does this I’m not sure.  In fact, the thought made me laugh. Nevertheless, I am now on a spiritual quest and I have faith that the universe is going to help me along the path.  Do you hear that universe?” … More The Golden Goddess Story – Chapter Four – Finding Faith

The Golden Goddess Story – Chapter Three – Chemo Lessons

In writing the first two post of this series I spent some time reviewing previous journal entries and updates I had shared during that period of my life.  It became clear to me then that the experience of chemo had been transformative. The woman that went through chemo is quite foreign to me.  I have … More The Golden Goddess Story – Chapter Three – Chemo Lessons

Dear Doctor

A break up letter to my oncologist.

You have so much power and I know you have the best intentions, but it’s time for me to reclaim my power from you and put my faith in myself.

Until we meet again dear doctor, be golden.

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