Getting Golden is an extension of Tarryn Lisa.  It is where she shares the lessons she’s learned and the thoughts she has.  

Tarryn Lisa grew up in a small town and married her high school sweetheart.  She went to school and achieved a BA in Business Management with a minor in Marketing.  While getting the degree she discovered that she didn’t agree with many of the practices employed.  In fact, her favorite class was environmental science.  This probably should have been a sign, but she was too concerned about how she would afford the life she wanted to worry about whether she would be happy.

After receiving her BA she settled down to work as a Senior Executive Administrator within a small business. Even if she didn’t really like it, she was good at it.   It was comfortable, it provided security, yet it was never her dream.  In 2010, just after her 30th birthday, Tarryn Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This began the whirlwind of treatment.  While recovering from cancer and treatment she started down a path of personal awakening.  Looking for answers as to why she had become deathly ill she began to piece together how this could’ve happened to her and what she could do to prevent it from occurring again.  What she discovered changed the course of her life. 

After her cancer went into remission in 2012, she struggled to pick the pieces of her life back up and found that they no longer fit together.  She needed to become a new person and this meant she had to leave behind the life she knew.  She had to let go of her husband, his family, some of her family, and friends.  This process was very painful and to help her through it she engaged in a number of unhealthy coping tendencies.  

During a trip she took with her besties to Colorado in 2015 to celebrate her 35th birthday, she became really sick.  The doctor ordered scans and after shortly after that Tarryn Lisa was told that she once again had breast cancer, only this time it had spread to many areas in her body, including her lungs and her bones. .  

This wasn’t in her plans  She was in the middle of a divorce.  She was still paying for a mortgage on a house she didn’t live in.  She had plans to launch a blog.  Write a book.  She didn’t have time to get sick.  Yet, if this was true her previous actions certainly hadn’t supported this.  

It was what is called, an Intense Call to Change.  Tarryn Lisa went on leave from work and focused on getting better.  She refused to do chemotherapy.  She refused to what is “standard treatment”.  She now lives life on her terms and it’s become her life’s work to help others live their best life.  The life of their dreams, their real dreams.   

She has taken an active part in her healing and now she hopes to help others do the same thing.  Getting Golden is where she shares her story, her experiences, her knowledge, her vision.  Here the goal is to help you find your authentic self, encourage you to follow your dreams, it’s to bring positivity and change to the world.  It is to cultivate awareness and well basically it’s to place to be the change she wants to be in the world.  

If you feel lost, if you’re looking to reinvent yourself, to figure out what makes you happy, to claim your power, to lead a more authentic life, then here you will find someone who has been there and wants to share what they’ve discovered and to help you discover your own truths.  Here you’ll find that life is a magical place and that you write your story.  Here we’re all Getting Golden.  

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