Have You Found Your Life Purpose?

What is the purpose of life? This is a question we’ve been trying to answer for eons. It’s a question I’ve struggled with… What is the purpose of my life? It was a question that was both existential and mundane for me. My experience with religion from an early age had left me disillusioned. It didn’t settle with my intuition. My experience with daily life didn’t give me much direction either. Growing up in a small town where most people either worked in agriculture or manufacturing didn’t provide a lot of inspiration. If I wanted to find my purpose I would need to go deeper.

I wasn’t aware of how unsettled I was by my lack of answers to this question. I did quite well not knowing my purpose. I managed to get a college degree and a good job. Both gave me an appearance of purpose, but the purpose was empty. I made my choices based upon financial reasons. I thought it was what I was supposed to do. I’m sure many people would agree. How many people work at a job they hate so they can support themselves and/or their family. It’s what we’re supposed to do right?

Maybe it’s more like it’s what we’re conditioned to do. When I look the people in my life as I was growing up most of them did not enjoy their work. Your job wasn’t something that you needed to like. That wasn’t the purpose of it. To want a job you enjoyed or liked meant that you were naive. It would never happen and to try was to experience failure. Somehow my purpose became tied to a job and financial security and it wasn’t worth a risk.

When I was growing up, I don’t remember being asked “What’s your purpose”.  I might have been asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, but even that I don’t really remember.  What I do remember is that I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do besides grow up and find a way to be financially independent.  I did have a love of words and I started writing when I was fifteen, but I was never encouraged to follow this path. I wasn’t encouraged to become a starving artist and I was too responsible to actually pursue this dream.  In college I discovered a love of philosophy and psychology, but when I looked at the average income, I scrapped this idea as well. What I should have done was ask myself when have I ever been average?????

I ended up with a business degree and no idea what my purpose in life was or what I wanted to be when I grew up.  These questions aren’t really valued in our society and I think we need to spend some time asking what this does to us.  I was thirty-six years old before I asked myself this question and came up with an answer. When I did the answer scared me.  What was my purpose? It started out simple. “My purpose is to be happy and by being happy I show others how to do the same. I want to bring smiles to people.  Make them feel loved.” This answer seemed incomplete. How was I supposed to be happy? I asked myself the question again. What came next was, “I serve to wake people up, to empower them to find the magic in life.  I do this because I want the world to thrive. I want to see the universal consciousness shift to positive, to hope.” This was where the voice in my head said, “who do you think you are?”.

The thing is, it wasn’t such a stretch.  I’d already done this with people in my life.  By changing myself, by waking myself up I set off a chain reaction and those in my life started doing the same.  I saw a change in my immediate family just because of my energy shift. Then I noticed I’d drawn people into my life that were searching for others like them.  When we came together, we’d give each other strength to pursue our dreams and our purposes. Even more it was like my choices and life experiences up until this point made it so I was able to do this.  The pieces fit together beautifully.

When I became aware of my purpose, I discovered this happening on a more frequent basis.  More people crossed my path that needed my assistance. I connected with the struggle people face.  I could empathize. My biggest problem became that people think that I’m special. I would hear, “I’m  not you.  I can’t do that.”.  My answer to that is, you’re not supposed to do what I do. You have your own purpose and I guarantee that you can figure out what that is.  Chances are once you know it, you’ll see how you’ve been trying to work towards that path.

Accepting my purpose made it easier for me to accept myself.  It made it easier for me to accept my passionate self. At times my passion has been belittled, others have told me it’s exhaustive.  It used to make me feel small, but now it just makes me shrug and move on. I want to live a life where I feel things. I want to live a life where I care about things. I tried it the other way and it left me empty.   I think when others see this in me, they either recognize it and feel a connection with me or they resent it because they have denied their own passions. Even if that isn’t the reason, it’s not my problem.

How do you find your life purpose?  It begins by asking yourself the question and listening to your heart.  It will often whisper to you and you’ll discount whatever it says. Don’t.  Take it and write it down. Spend some time with it. If you ask and you don’t get an answer right then, keep the question in mind.  Your heart might not be used to you asking it questions and you might not be able to hear it yet. Try it again the next day (and the next, and the next).  If you’re still having problems talk to someone you trust. Someone who supports your dreams. If you don’t have someone like this in your life, then find a stranger you feel drawn to (I’m not kidding) and start a conversation with them.  Since they don’t know you chances are they won’t be attached to you having a specific answer. Sometimes just having a sounding board helps. Saying something out loud. The thing I’ve discovered is once you ask the question, the answer will come if you’re open to it.  Remember to remain open.

If all of that fails, well then, you can message me.  It is my purpose after all. I want you to thrive and that’s difficult to do when you haven’t stopped to figure out how you’ll do that.

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