Float Therapy – Part 4

Float number four didn’t disappoint.  It was my most interesting yet. Based upon current research to get the most benefits from floating you should do it at least once or twice a week over the course of 12 weeks.  If you can’t do it this frequently then regular meditation can be used to supplement the floats. When I started floating I’d been meditating for about a year. I didn’t do it daily.  Now I’m another year into it. I meditate on a daily basis for at least a half an hour.

This is just one of the changes in my life within a year.  Another is introduction of my spirit guides. Over the course of the last four months I’ve met six different guides.  This is in addition to my guardians. Have I confused you? This post was titled Float Therapy, right? Yes, it is. There is a connection here.  

Recently I’d been introduced to a new guided meditation by a very gifted friend.  She called it the Four Chambers of the Heart meditation. During this meditation I met my guardians.  Some people refer to them as guardian angels or the Archangels, but I’ve never been drawn to angels. What I believe in is energy.  Lots of energy. Everything is energy. Including my guardians and my guides. I had already met several my guides when my friend introduced me to my guardians.  I had felt their presence previously, but I hadn’t had a visual or a proper introduction to them until that day.

It was a mystical experience.  I visited my higher self. I recognized that energy immediately.  I know it very well. It’s my Golden Goddess, the one that has been shaking my life up since cancer arrived eight years ago.  One of my guides, Raven (he’s my crow, he has quite the mischievous streak), showed up too. I didn’t realize how great a gift my friend had given me.  It’s been the gift that just keeps giving. This float would continue to support this idea.

I went into this float a bit off balance.  An old love was in my life and we had spent the afternoon together.  It wasn’t going well. Many of the old hurts were still there. The old patterns of behavior, the harmful energy.  I had my guard up all afternoon and I was still bleeding from a number of wounds. I had never been so grateful for the peace of the float tank.  

My defenses lowered as I entered the quiet room.  I rinsed off in the hot shower and imagined my tension being washed away.  I climbed in the tank and laid back letting out a sigh. My body relaxed further.  I decided to do the four-chamber meditation.

The meditation starts by visualizing walking across a crystal cave with discs coming out of my feet to ground me.  As I progressed through the different chambers I went deeper into myself. Reaching my deepest chamber, I pulled on the energy of my higher self.   I was able recharge after the stressful afternoon and shift to a more peaceful energy. I left my deepest chamber, I visualize it as a magical forest, and entered my meadow.  I was surprised when a lynx appeared where the meadow met the forest. Cheshire or Ches for short. She’s beautiful, but for a moment she appeared to be ill. Her image changed from a strong healthy feline to sickly, with her fur being matted, dull, and thin in spots.  Then just as quickly she was the strong, healthy feline walking with the grace of its species.

Our introduction was brief, I recognized her as a part of myself.  We turned and walked deeper into the meadow and greeted the Earth Mother.  Earth Mother told me to lay down in the meadow. I lay down and the ground created a opening to cradled me.  Ches laid down at the crown of my head. She wound herself over my head and settled around my shoulders. I understood this was to heal and ground me.  I don’t know how long we laid like that. Both the Mother and Ches wrapped around me. I lose track of time in the tank. I’d imagine it was at least a half an hour, but it’s a guess.  I came back to myself as the tank turned on signalling the end of my session. One moment I was in the meadow with Mother and Ches and the next I was back in the tank.

I came out of that session in a fog.  Luckily, I didn’t have to drive. As I climbed into the car with my old flame he carried the conversation.  I added an appropriate “yes” or “huh” where needed. After a bit I explained my experience to him. Then I took to google to find the symbolism of a Lynx.  Why a lynx I wondered? My other guides are a mixture of human and animal. Once they had made contact I could see how they had been in my life influencing me.  Ches was a surprise, at least until I started doing some reading.

Once I started reading about the symbolism of the lynx I understood why she had been drawn into my life.  The first sentence on the page was “To thine own self be true”. I struggled with this very concept on that day.  The lynx is a master seer. It can see into the soul of someone, to see the thoughts and intentions without a word being spoken.  If I was going to give a strong empath a spirit animal, it would be a lynx. Only I didn’t know it until Ches arrived in my life.

I could go on and on, but the highlight reel:  the lynx is companion to the warrior goddess Freya.  It only makes sense that the Golden Goddess gets her own kitty cat.  The lynx helps you craft words into powerful healing. It helps you see to the heart of matters and through deceit, even self-deceit.  It’s about claiming and accepting your power.

I have four more floats.  Considering all the magical things happening in my life I can’t help but think my next four floats will open other pathways inside me.  A chance for my soul to fully express itself. An hour dedicated to releasing control and seeing what develops. To relaxing my grip on the mind and body.  Have I convinced you to try it yet? The physical benefits, meaning the proven scientific benefits, should already have you enticed, but a chance to allow yourself an experience that leaves you in awe.  How often do you get that?

Float Four = Mind Blown.



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