Our Food Matters

Our mainstream culture does not promote health.  Lately it’s really been bothering me. Probably because I feel like my own well-being depends upon it.  It’s not just my well-being, but those I love. I watch people say the right words, acknowledge our unhealthy culture, and then they go and eat the crappy food, shop at the stores that promote horrible business practices, or they decide to take the pill instead of making the lifestyle changes needed for their own well-being.  

You want to help people who are ill – stop acting and eating like our food doesn’t matter.  We need more convenient food from fresh whole ingredients. I’m sorry to tell you Panera or Tropical Smoothie isn’t healthy.  It’s better than McDonald’s but that’s about as much as you’ll get me to agree to.

I get it, I’m on a budget.  A small one. I also have a life.  I would love to have “fast” food options when travelling or on a busy day.  Right now, there is a reason why the food is cheap. We all know it. It’s laden with chemicals and we’re not designed to eat chemicals.  Eating this food will put me on the fast track to the next world. It already did. In my 20s I would often stop at McDonald’s or Burger King for breakfast.  If I didn’t have time for that then I’d have Cheez-Its and a Cherry Coke. Pop for breakfast, isn’t it wonderful to be an adult? I never made it to fat, sick, and nearly dead.  I went straight to nearly dead.

What do you do then?  Don’t eat fast food. Yes, I’m serious.  Eat before you leave. Pack healthy snacks.  Plan ahead. You’re killing yourself and your children every time you eat this food.  Remind yourself of this. I’m not even being overly dramatic. We’ve been conditioned to eat this food, to live this lifestyle.  Yet if we are questioned we will admit that it is unhealthy. We understand this even as we act the opposite.

You have been and are being brainwashed.  They’ve made a study out of it, it’s called marketing.  The best one I hear now is “Moderation”. I smile and ask, what is moderation?  Moderation on fast food? Are we talking McDonald’s or Panera? Is it once a day, week, month, year?  Moderation is a slippery slope. I’m not saying never eat a cupcake. Well, never eat a cupcake from McDonald’s.  I am saying moderation is the latest rationalization for behavior that is killing us. To counter this programming, it’s important that you established your own truth; that you recognize what you already know, that this choice is unhealthy and harmful.  Not just fattening, but it has serious consequences.

If you work in a restaurant or if you are chef, encourage more plant-based options for the menu.  Many places don’t have any options for someone like me. I don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs. Right now, my body can’t handle them.  I tend to order a side salad, whatever the veggie of the day is, and maybe a potato. I get rather creative when eating out. You can only eat so many veggie burgers and depending on the source, it may not be that healthy.  Vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean healthy.

Even better, maybe you can open a new restaurant.  I’ll be happy to direct as many people as I can to your door.  In my area there is one local sourced restaurant, and whenever I frequent their establishment it’s full.  Healthy food doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. My carnivore family keeps eating my plant-based meals once a month and they claim to like them.  I’ve had some AMAZING plant-based meals when I’ve visited more urban areas.

You want to help people struggling with their health, stop getting so defensive when someone talks about eating less meat.  A lot less meat. Or when people talk about a whole food plant-based diet. If someone in your family has cancer, then it’s time for everyone to learn about nutrition.  Most cancer isn’t genetic, but it appears that way because of epigenetics. Meaning people share an environment which includes food habits and the same genes are triggered in multiple people.  We have a lot of control over the genes triggered, but we must make good decisions. I admit, my life was extreme in many areas, it’s why my cancer arrived at age 30. In the last eight years, two more of my older family members have been diagnosed with cancer.   Before that, our family had little to no history of illness. It’s our society and our behaviors that have changed. The food we eat, the activities we’re involved in, the amount of stress we are exposed to.

If you don’t want to do your own research about nutrition than talk to people that you trust.  I’m not talking about your doctor unless they have nutrition training and continue to educate themselves with the new studies coming out.  Most doctors receive around two hours of nutritional training. I’ve spent thousands of hours reading studies, articles, books, watching webcasts, documentaries, and listening to audio broadcasts.  While we’re only just beginning to figure things out, we can make some broad statements, like our bodies need lots of fruits and vegetables. I’d trust my information over many doctors, in fact that’s exactly what I’ve had to do.  Be careful who you get your information from, but don’t ignore the facts because they don’t fit your current paradigm of diet.

Want to help someone with illness and especially cancer?  Ask yourself why won’t I change? Why don’t I want to believe?  If there is even a chance that this information is true don’t I owe it to them and myself to find out?  Maybe you lost someone to cancer in the past and if this is true than maybe it could have been avoided. If that’s the case, then you may have to deal with regret or guilt.  That’s tough, however, right now you have a get out of jail free card. You can’t be blamed for the information you didn’t have. For a long time, it wasn’t available. We’re getting past that point now.  People’s lives are on the line and we keep acting like we have no control. I can’t keep pretending. My life ended up on the line. I don’t want yours to.

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