Float Therapy – Float 3

Floating is like riding a bike!  It only takes a few moments to become comfortable once you’re familiar with the process.  It had been a few months since my last float.  A change of residence put my float spa about an hour away from me.  This caused me to not use my membership.  In fact, I had forgotten about it until a new charge showed up on my bank statement.  A quick call to the spa had me discovering that I had six floats to use up before they expired in six months.  While floating isn’t insanely expensive, it’s also not cheap, at least not on my budget.  This meant I’d be making the hour trek down to the spa to use the floats.

Since my last float was months ago I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was still getting the feel for it when I took my hiatus.  It appears that the hiatus was to my benefit.  At first, I wasn’t so sure since I couldn’t remember the process.  Did I have to push a button?  How did I know when the float was over?  I shrugged these questions away.  The only request I made of the attendant was to please override the music and play from my cell phone.  I had remembered that I wanted to try a guided meditation during this float.

A woman’s voice surrounded me as I settled into the float tank.  I had selected an energy balancing guided meditation and her voice directed me to relax and visualize a beautiful wooded path leading up to a stream.  With my eyes closed the world darkened and I took to visualizing the scene as directed.  I didn’t have any problems getting comfortable.  I trusted the water to cradle my body.

Listening to the guided meditation while floating wasn’t really any different than doing it in the comfort of my own home.  Except I hadn’t planned far enough ahead.  When the meditation ended the next song on the playlist started playing.  While it was meditation music, meaning it was soft, soothing, and nature based, it was too loud.  I found myself disturbed by the volume.  I broke out of my meditation and hit the button in the tank to turn the music off.

Settling back in, I quickly disappeared to where ever it is I go when in a certain meditative state.  It’s like I become suspended.  My mind stops thinking.  The first few times it occurred I thought I was falling asleep, but I am aware.  As soon as something changes in my environment, something that needs my attention, I find myself back in my body.  When I am asleep I do not wake up this easily.  Based upon some current research I believe I may leave my body for a bit, along the lines of astral projection or an out of body experience, only it’s my higher self, AKA, the Golden Goddess, and I’m not necessarily aware of what she’s been up to once she returns us to the physical body.

The tank cycled back on to signal the end of my session and purify itself before the next user.  I came back to my body.  As I did I caught a glimmer of a memory.  I had been having a conversation with someone.  It was one of the best conversations I’d ever had.  I was relaxed and engaged in a way that I rarely feel with people.  What was I talking about?  I had no idea.  Who was the conversation with?  I had no idea.

I climbed out of the tank and stepped under the hot shower to rinse the salt from my body.  I tried to bring the experience into my full awareness, but it eluded me.  I put the experience aside and concentrated on my body and how I felt.  I was relaxed.  My biggest issue was trying to remove the salt from my ears. Luckily my spa had q-tips in the dressing room.

The thought of driving an hour home wasn’t exciting.  Still, it didn’t really matter.  The calmness I felt was a familiar friend.  I often felt this way after a good meditation session.  That was exactly what this had been.  Even with the interruption.

When I first started floating I had hoped for a magical experience.  I felt a little disappointed that it was so tame especially after reading other floaters’ experiences.  Fast forward to now, and I’d basically forgotten everything and decided to wing it.  I ended up having the best conversation of my life, and I don’t even remember it.  I had expectations with my first floats, this time I had a more relaxed attitude and I wasn’t disappointed.

Go float!!  Try it a couple of times, or three since the third time may be the charm.  It will be a new experience regardless of if you continue to do it or not.  That’s what life is about, experiences.  If you haven’t read my first two float experiences check them out.  I spend more time talking about what float therapy is and the benefits of float therapy in the first two posts.



Float Four was even more interesting, but that’s for next time.

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