A Book Review – Why I Left Orthodox Medicine – Healing for the 21st Century by Derrick Lonsdale M.D.

When I discovered Derrick Lonsdale’s book at the local library’s used book sale the title held much appeal for me. The idea of discontinuing seeing my oncologist was something I was mulling over. A book titled “Why I Left Orthodox Medicine” written by a doctor seemed like a message I couldn’t pass up. I quickly read the back of the book and the words, nutrition, exercise, and vitamin/mineral therapy jumped off the page. It made it into the stack of books that found a new home with me.

The book was published in 1994, which seems dated, but the credentials of the doctor can’t be ignored… experience in British, Canada, and American healthcare systems, head of Biochemical Genetics at Cleveland Clinic. He’s been practicing medicine since 1946. This man had to have quite the story. He had been practicing medicine for decades before writing this book.

In today’s culture, health has become commercialized and in many cases just another trend. I don’t have time for trends. I don’t have time for celebrity health. I don’t have time for the latest get rich miracle supplement. I don’t have time for doctors who refuse to recognize how much our lifestyle and choices impact our health or for doctors that believe the answers lie in conventional treatment only. I am not just another statistic and I will not be pushed through the cookie cutter healthcare system.

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale has been working with people using nutrition, exercise, and vitamin/mineral therapy for decades and the stories he shares would encourage anyone looking for a different type of medicine than what you find at most doctor offices. He has been using nutrition and vitamins and minerals to solve problems many doctors believe are incurable (although he doesn’t like the word cure). His approach has led to many people healing. His research has shown that many of our behaviors and our children’s behavior issues stem from poor nutrition.

My biggest takeaway from this book is that most of us are nutrient deficient. It seems counter-intuitive since we struggle with great obesity within our culture, but this is easily explained by the number of empty calories we eat every day. Our diets are rich in calories, fat, and sugar, but sparse in actual nutrients. This would be vitamins A, B, C, D, and minerals like magnesium, selenium, potassium, just to name a very few. You don’t find these in our processed cereals, the lunch meat, or pizza we eat, the chicken and potatoes we have for dinner with our one vegetable. We joke about whether ketchup is a vegetable or fruit (it doesn’t count as either in my opinion). We are starving our body of the nutrients it needs to keep us healthy yet provide it with too many calories to the point where our system breaks down whether it’s heart disease, diabetes, cancer, an autoimmune disorder, or whatever else ails us.

Dr. Derrick, as I’ve come to call him, believes that healing comes from within. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, but often they lack the nutrients needed to do so. This can help to explain why we hear about people changing their diet and having bothersome symptoms disappear. Stress and exercise are also crucial to our well-being. However lack of nutrients can affect our body’s ability to handle stress and its ability to handle exercise.

If you find yourself struggling with an issue and question whether it’s related to your diet, I recommend you read this book to see exactly how right you may be. If you visit a doctor who believes that your diet doesn’t play a key role in your health or doesn’t believe a change in diet can help your body, then I recommend reading this book and getting a new doctor. While you may be able to mask symptoms with drugs, chances are they are not healing you. They aren’t designed to do that, but food and supplements can heal you. If you are like me and believe that nutrition is very important, but have been lost in a system that disregards it to the point of what seems like medical malpractice then this book will help remind you why you have chosen to walk the path less traveled.

Dr. Derrick has retired, but he is still publishing articles. He is a regular contributor on the website Hormones Matter™. Dr. Derrick was born in 1924 according to Wikipedia. The man is almost 100 years old and he is a regular contributor on a website. Do you expect your doctor to be doing the same? When you look at your doctor, do you imagine him living to this age? This should be one of the guides we use for choosing the healers in our lives. When I started reading this book I didn’t realize that I was going to find such inspiration, but I did. Both in my own ability to heal and the fact that there are healers out there who don’t play into a for-profit system. I found a hero when I wasn’t even looking for one. Read the book and you may just discover the same.

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