We’re All Just Getting Golden

Life is what you make it. This wisdom can be found all around us. It’s repeated over and over and yet we refuse to apply it. Science tells us all these wonderful things, it helps to explain us to ourselves, and still we act as though these things are not having an impact on us. Somewhere along the way we’ve picked up a programing that “this is the way that it is”. We think that failure and tragedy overrule these truths.

It is this way because we let it be. It’s this way because we’re too busy wasting our time on things that aren’t important, that aren’t even fulfilling to ourselves. It’s this way because we tell ourselves, that’s just the way it is. We excuse our behaviour every day with our words and choices. By accepting it, we enable the very actions that create the situation. I get it. I use to do it too. It took becoming ill with cancer twice before I was able to find my authentic self. Before I accepted responsibility for my place and this world.

Finally, I have admitted my purpose to myself. I want to make a difference in the world. I’ve always wanted to make a difference. I’ve spent many years frozen in indecision and fear because I thought I was lost. I wasn’t lost, I just never took the time to understand myself. This isn’t something we promote. When I stopped to really evaluate myself the answer was very clear. All the events up until this point and been preparing me to help, to serve. To give me experience that would be valuable to others.

I serve to help the evolution of humankind. If we want to survive we need to evolve past the fear, anger, hate, and jealousy. We have to start looking at problems in a different way and we have to be willing to be a part of the solution. We have to be open to new ideas and to change. This means all of us. Each of us is important and valuable. I’ve asked myself why me? Why do I think I’m the person to do this? I think we’re all the people to do this. There are many who have walked this road before me and there will be many who walk this road after me, but in truth to change the world we all need to walk this road. We need to come together instead of allowing our differences to divide us.

I’m giving myself permission to care deeply about people and the world and I’m giving you the same permission. I’m also giving permission to say some things are broken and we need serious change. We may need to open ourselves to new ways and realize the anxiety we feel is not a sign of impending doom, instead it is a sign only of change. Here we have the ability to look at problems and if not find a solution, we can at least acknowledge we are working towards the solution. Here we claim our power and go onto change the world.

Getting Golden purpose is to help empower people to live magical lives. Getting Golden mission is to help shed light into the world. It’s about claiming your power and using it to make the world a better place. It’s about being the change you want to see in the world. It’s about being your authentic self, whoever that may be. In a world that’s telling you what you should buy, what you should think, what you should do, I’m here to ask you, what does your soul whisper to you? Because that is what really matters.

Getting Golden goal is to help you be more aware and mindful of your words and your actions. I get that everyone is busy. You don’t have time to find all the information that makes it possible for you to change. You may not have anyone in your life who will support your change. That’s where I will help. I want to help you change before something forces you to change and when forced to change we don’t always change for the better. My goal is for to help you see a better world, one that you help build. It is to help you recognize the patterns that hold you back and in turn hold all of us back.

Here you will find hope, inspiration, love, kindness, but also honesty, authenticity, humor, playfulness, and sometimes tough love. I’m really excited to see what this grows into being. Everytime I learn something new I share it with my inner circle, and now I’ll share it with all of you. I hope that by sharing my story, my growth it will help you find the strength and courage to join me in trying to change the world.

Welcome on this wonderful journey my friends. I hope you will find my world to be a place you come to find comfort and sanctuary. A place of understanding and replenishment for a tired soul. Here may you find your power to restore yourself. Here we’re all just Getting Golden.

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